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Perfect Photography Clothing

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Over the years I've searched for decent clothing to take photos in whilst laying on the floor, getting wet, muddy and cold and never really found what I needed, well within my price range. I know the latest outdoor gear from your general hiking shop would do but some of the price tags make you not want to get them dirty or even wet without fear of damage!

Now I need to first let you know that I don't have any links with this company although if they are ever looking for an ambassador them please get in touch! but I recently purchased a pair of trousers from Stealth Gear and they have proven to be exactly what I'm looking for.

Warm, waterproof, designed for photographers in mind and at a really decent price, I'm not saying they look or feel cheap, quite the opposite but if I were to damage them it wouldn't be the end of the world. In fact I liked them so much I brought a second pair straight away.

They also have some decent offers on so a follow on Facebook is worth it.

That's it product review over, I just know a few of you may look at this and think they are exactly what I need hence the blog

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